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Well a lot in that episode.
Seeing Daru trying to scare Suzuha was kinda funny too.
Also Rukaku getting harassed by the girls (lol)

What I was kinda missing was Amadeus making some form of comment about Kagari.

Originally Posted by Kakurin View Post
I'm just thinking though of how they are going to resolve this situation. The route of the alpha world line with time travel is not available here. I assume Mr. Braun will do something since Nae is in the midst of it.
We don't know whether he is even a rounder in this time line.
Though Okabe suspects he is.
For all we know he might even be in the middle of it as its masks again...

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
With the Amadeus server cutting off right before the attack, I guess Leskinen's group is behind it. I don't think Mr. Braun would risk exposing his daughter to danger. He may even become an ally in this timeline, plenty of hints he and Moeka know what's going on.

There are no do-overs this time, so I doubt anybody will die. The lab is cursed. Every time they throw a party, it ends with a raid.
Mayuri's watch stopping usually means she dies.
They could also still use Suzuha's time machine, so no problem there.
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