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^ To further illustrate that point: Suzuha and Okarin never encountered their "past selves" who failed to save Kurisu the first time during operation Skuld.
In layman terms, time travelers are redirected in a virtually identical world line, except that due to their nature of observers, they don't overlap on the same line they already visited.

Also, it is impossible for Suzuha to time travel back to a time where she had enough fuel, because this would lead to a paradox: the Suzuha with more fuel wouldn't be able to do everything the current Suzuha did so far (as in: time traveling progressively to look for Kagari). If anything, the current Suzuha cannot undo what she did herself. The paradox would potentially make the world line erasing her on the spot. It is the very same reason why Okarin is forced to make his past self witness "kurisu's death" so it doesn't screw the entire continuity of his actions.
The only way to theorically fix that is time leaping, but this isn't possible either for obvious reasons.

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