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That's pretty much the development for Maho and it was pretty much a good call there. The timing gives a good emphasis regarding the relationship she had with Kurisu.
Meanwhile, I didn't expect them to put the sergeant cleaner and the sleepover scenes considering they aren't exactly important (and might be seen as a mood breaker), but the time spent on them was alright.

A good setup episode for what comes next.

As minor side notes, I'm a bit uncertain why Okarin would still interact with Amadeus after what Kurisu told him in the anime. It is kind of OOC for him to ignore that kind of warning. Also, it is a bit weird for Amadeus to use the "-san" suffix now. Not sure if she tries to put more distance, because of the world line shift or some mere oversight, although she still used the usual "okabe" with the nullpo part
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