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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Certainly a few laughs is probably necessary since things are likely to remain pretty dark. Although I have to wonder if Kurisu's personal data is entirely necessary. I mean clearly two major countries are getting work done even without that laptop. It might simply speed things up for them if they can get their hands on it.
Forewarning: I just watched the SG anime, and have next to no knowledge of games, so I'm probably off.

But I don't think Americans are making major progress. The Russians are essentially in the finishing stages of such a project while Americans are just starting, since the Russians have the access to a prototype design they just need to refine.

I think WWIII breaks out precisely because Americans get desperate once their other methods fail them and they pull the MAD card. They likely stop the Russian project by nuking it flat but that's cold comfort to a world undergoing a complete nuclear exchange.

I feel they are probably betting on the AI being close enough to Kiritsu to figure it out for them, or maybe even to transfer her to the Kiritsu clone looking girl.
But that's just my random guesses.

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