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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
Yes. Not sure if it's Okabe's own steps though
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So, some people said they heard the sound of someone walked up the stair near the end of ep. when Okabe told Maho about WW3 things. I went back to watch the ep.and I 'think' I heard it too but I wasn't sure if it part of BGM or not.

Did you guy hear it?

I rewatched the scene using headphones and the majority of them seem to be his and Maho's.
The only two I'm not entirely sure of
1) the one at the right after he tells her that Kurisu's computer is pandora's box.
This one could be either from a retreating Maho or Okabe stepping up when tightening his grip

2) Yet another one like this shortly before he talks about the sparks of WWIII
Its again Okabe seemingly tightening his grip, but he only seems to move his upper body forward in this, without Maho moving at all, so that one could theoretically come from another person.

If its another person my money would goy to Suzuya who will tell Maho that Okabe can save Kurisu, so she can make him board the time machine.
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