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Every single time Suzuha travels back in time, she indeed goes back in another world line that is very slightly different from the one she originated from (the divergence meter usually indicates a difference around 0.0000x), and the differences can be nearly nonexistent, or bigger like what happened with that Daru sending the message. As such, those world lines are still part of the same attractor field.

However, when a drastic change were to occur, the world line would switch to another attractor field (Beta to Steins Gate during Operation Skuld, or Beta to Alpha when Okarin sent the first dmail). So having Suzuha disappearing like that is still fine to a certain degree.

The problem with the anime adaptation is that they made the world line change so dramatically -without- a reading steiner reaction that it doesn't make any sense.
The lack of reading steiner means there wasn't any action that would lead to a WL shift. Yet, if there wasn't any, there is no reason for Okarin to succeed in the first time leap, but not with the second. In fact, by virtue of converging events, Okarin being stuck in the machine then "saved" 25 years later should have happened right from the get go.

Frankly, this is just a very messy plothole the scripters created by trying to merge 2 routes that could theorically never happen together, as they were dependant of actions and characters that are mutually exclusive so to speak.
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