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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
Until the day you queue up with multiple people who are much worse than you, then you get no sympathy from me.

Like two games ago, one of my RL friends went like 0/11 top nunu, and another went 1/8 mid swain. Our jungler was great, but my Ezreal was only so-so (9/9, like 30cs above enemy AD carry) and between the both of us, we couldn't carry the game.
I did this once, I queue'd with a lvl18 friend and their 2 friends who were 15-ish, so I decided to see how hard jungle Xin Nao(when he was free I don't own him) could pubstomp/carry, and I end up going something like 24/8/16, since while 2 of the lanes feed a bit, they had no jungler... and pretty much every gank was sucessful, my friend as Ahri ended 5/9/6 because of the ganks and only one of them knew how to deal Xin at all, but I was so fed no1 could hope to 1 vs 1, but that didn't stop them from trying . Going brusier I had Wriggle/Merc/Trinity/Warmog/Impaler/Wit's End by end, so ya .
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