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While I have not been exposed to Type Moon works before I watched this a few months ago, Fate/Zero was very enjoyable to me and it's not something you would need to watch/play Fate/Stay Night to understand.

The show is beautifully animated with it's fights and backgrounds and the characters (whether it be the masters or servants) all have unique powers to their disposal which makes things interesting; especially with some of the tactful masters.

Fights to the death was not the only interesting part of the show however as Fate/Zero has an interesting story with some well executed themes and depth with each character having their own interesting view point that it makes you think whether or not what the character did was right or not; such the point with Kiritsugi later in the story. This all makes it all better as Fate/Zero is just not some cheesy shonen fight show as it offers much more than just pretty visuals.

and now to the characters! While they may not be the nicest of people, the masters in the story are all quite entertaining for their own points (Though to be honest, I did find Kokoimi to be a bit boring). Kirei and Kiritsugi both have to be my favorite masters as Kiritsugi had a strong belief in his goal and it was great to see him go to great lengths to achieve those. Kirei starts off as more of a "puppet" than anything but quickly begins to have his own desires which made for a great turn in the story later.

The servants are all fun as well as they are each reincarnations or famous figures of the past, such as Alexander the Great who's part of the Rider Class in Fate/Zero. Not to sound repetitve, but as said, they all have their own interesting abilities and it's neat to see them bounce off of each other, whether it be servants to servants in where both of them were kings, or to master and servant, such as Rider and Waver who were my favorite partners of the two.

Now what are some of my complaints? Exposition could have been handled it better as it could be a problem at times and some of the scenes in the show felt a little too forced, especially in the latter half which could make it a little hard to take seriously.
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