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Originally Posted by HybridBloodsZak View Post
Gon Freecss from Hunter x Hunter, you could also argue Killua too. The series may be 15 years old but it has only been getting recently more popular thanks to the reboot and they don't do any of the things you said in your formula that you loathe

Imo they have the best friendship in any current SHONEN JUMP series
I don't think either Gon nor Killua fits, at least the manga versions.

From the way Gon has been portrayed, he's actually amoral, at least, he doesn't subscribe to the type of morality that you see in most typical shounen heroes, or most heroes at all. When the Chameleon Ant in the the Ant arc first meets Gon, Gon says that he felt the Chameleon was the most 'human' ant he's met, whereas the Chameleon felt Gon was a monster. In fact, I'd say if not for the relationships Gon has formed, he could end have ended up like Kuroro or even the King.

Killua is also pretty much a straight up killer with no conscience except for the people he cares about, which contains only a few people. He's the type of person who would probably not even hesitate to sacrifice Kurapica or his family to save Gon or Alluka, even though he's on good terms with Kurapica.

Also, for most of the manga Gon/Killua actually lose quite a bit, or struggle at lot against opponents around their level or higher. It's not really until the Ant arc that they grow strong enough to challenge the top level players, and even then, Gon failed to save someone who was important to him. Not to mention, the resolution with the King really had nothing to do with Gon or Killua at all. In the end, they were just side characters who were able to achieve some personal growth through the ordeal.
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