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I guess I'm posting at the right place, cos this has to do mostly with AFX. Anyway, this is a picture from Ergo Proxy 15:

As you all might know, it's an episode that needs an extreme amount of work on both photoshop + AFX.
In this particular picture, there is a box with kanji that has been replaced by a similar box that contains the same words in Greek (my mother language). But suddenly a logo appears bouncing all over the screen and the result is something like this.
I've tried various ways of layer blending in AFX but I got nothing. I hope that there's some other way than creating a complicate mask for every frame that this thing is bouncing.
Just to inform you, I create an AFX project, which I render in lossless RGBA and overlay it over the original video. Does anyone have some idea about this? Thanks a lot in advance.
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