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Originally Posted by Weissent
I really hope Team Germany won't be able to advance to the finals. Maybe those multimillionaire clubs of the likes of Bayern Munich (how I hate those suckers!) come to realize that they need to raise talents on their own, not just to buy everything that looks somehow promising on the international market. I have the impression that the German team seriously lacks talent and promise...
Yea, I know I will be cheering for black&white when the match finally starts, but at least I know something good may come out of an "untimely" failure of Völler's boys...

<btw bracken 33: your Pacifica Casull Avatar rules ... I think I'm going to rewatch part of the show today >
I also think that it will be really hard to survive the first round this time.
If we drop out of the tournament early it might wake up some officials. So I agree with you.

But I still don´t want to loose against the dutch .
Let us loose against the czechs and the latvians .

Scrapped Princess rocks. I rewatch it too. I´m looking forward to german REG2 DVDs some day.
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