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Originally Posted by Aquatic Fox
Programs like that will mean more anime , but fansubbing will take a hit with the assumed quicker and quicker licensing.
No it won't. The focus of fansubbing will simply change. You'll end up getting less and less honest "sub only until licenced then buy the DVD's" honest fansub groups in favor of leach groups who will fansub everything regardless if it's licenced or not. Places like AnimeSuki will evolve from an unlicenced anime distribution and community site to purely an anime community site with no downloads for the fans. Fans will then be reliant on places like kazaa, eDonkey, boxtorrents, suprnova, or whatever sites happen to be out there at the time if they wish to continue their "try before you buy" downloading of new anime series. Also, most major Anime sites won't go away either. The only thing that will change in the online anime world is the community dynamic. Socially, fansubs will be reduced to the same level of social taboo as bootlegging and not the wonderful "try before you buy - support the studios" community it is now. Sure, there's fansub leach groups and sites out there now, but that's to be expected. The positive side of this is that honest fansub groups outweigh the leach groups by a factor of 9 to 1 last I checked.

Fansubbing will never go extinct. It will simply change and adapt.
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