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I read it. It's about as much as I expected in detail considering you don't know much about the series. As for subject matter (corruption as you put it), I don't find it attractive or enjoyable. I am however a romanticist and an Ichigo x Orihime shipper so I am not without bias. But in general I don't like the idea of corruption because its purpose seems to be to play out some sick twist on a series I would normally enjoy (if I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't watch it in the first place!). If this is a hobby of yours that you like, then don't let me stop you. But I myself like to write fanfics based on something I've grown to enjoy in a more optimistic fashion. Our fundamental approach is different, so take that into consideration.

If you want tips on how to improve, here's a big one: watch or read the series, it will help considerably with details. Not willing to put in time to do that, shows in your writing.
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