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Originally Posted by Hagoshod View Post
It's just a rule of mine. I don't watch anything that drags on for longer than 26 episodes unless it's Gundam or Fushigi Yuugi.

edit: And introducing the happiest Arrancar ever.
I've seen Fushigi Yuugi... It was one of my anime firsts. If you can get through the repetition of "Miaka!" and "Tamahome!" ad nauseum in that series for 26 episodes, then you can get through a season of Bleach.

As for Rukia, she's on the verge of death in a pool of her own blood after being gutted by her dear Kaien-dono. Ichigo's "second in command" would be Nel, maybe? But since she's basically a cling on toddler I doubt she'll be much help to you.

I would read your fic, but I avoid reading fics written by people who know nothing about a series. Gomen!
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