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Originally Posted by OceanBlue View Post
Your post reminded me to mention that the girls in AO are much more attractive than the girls in E7 so far, aside from Eureka herself .

Edit: Also, Naru's father mentioned that Eureka brought "pain and misfortune", as the translation went, when she arrived. It probably has to do with the Mark I appearing 10 years ago and saving Naru.
Hmmm... Well, times have changed. Cuter girls maybe unnecessary to the plot, but they're a good bait for newcomers, and hopefully, it will also boost sales. lol.

Oh, and you forgot to include Anemone and Holland's partner in your list.

Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
The Mark 1 is the Nirvash. The coloring is different probably because the military re-colored it. The original color when it first appeared 10 years ago is the traditional white and red coloring. You see it for a split second in the episode.
Speaking of paint job, I really hope they keep the military colors for the Mark I.

It makes me wonder if the Generation Blue have other pilots other than those young girls... They're an internationally recognized organization formed to deal with Stabs and such, right? I can't help but raise my eyebrow if their only front line members are all teenagers.

Oh well, even if that is the case, I'll just play along. XD
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