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Originally Posted by Sylf
Yes, both makes sense.
Unfortunately, the encoder's choice of mp3 wasn't that sophisticated. That Maetel team actually bought the DVD. The audio track was linear PCM. So there's no such thing as keeping the original mp3 from the raw - we could've encoded however we wanted.
The important thing is: was it teh leetzor 128kps CBR mp3?

IIRC, I've seen LAME come ahead of of Nero's AAC encoder in some tests (a few months ago; I don't really keep up with audio encoding). The latest version of LAME is very, very good, but it's still not as good as the latest version of OggDrop, so... (I can't comment on AAC of course)

Of course, one might choose to take the opportunity and reencode the audio stream to 64kbps HE-AAC and throw the additional freed 64-something kbps at the video stream, which would make sense too.
Which, of course, still reduces the quality. I have a 256kps CBR mp3 stream in a raw I'm using now. Wonder if I should re-encode to Vorbis or not... ^^;;
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