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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
It wasn't him. It was stated that there were a number of people who scammed her family, like the religious cults her mother got involved with.

The way it went was:
mother went knee deep into a religious cult, bringing the family down with her
Hitagi asked for help from Kaiki and a number of other people
Kaiki accepted the job destroyed the cult
mother went to an even bigger cult
Kaiki saw that it was hopeless and drove the parents to divorce
Hitagi became an emotional wreck
Kaiki introduced her to the crab god to alleviate her emotional burden

Ononoki was reminding Kaiki how he failed the last time he tried to help a person.

Remember Oshino's words: he doesn't save people; people save themselves. When Kaiki tried to directly save Senjougahara, he didn't consider her feelings for her mother. Thus, trying to save another person ended in failure.
Not even close.

It's more like this.

-Hitagi was a sickly child
-Mother joins a cult in hopes that Hitagi will get better
-Hitagi did get better and the mother goes deeper in the cult because she believes the cult helped her daughter
-The mother starts throwing money get the cult
-The mother invites a cult leader to rape Hitagi
-Rape fails but Hitagi loses faith in her mother
-Hitagi meets the Crab god and it takes away her weight/emotion
-The family finds out and they get Kaiki to help her
-Kaiki realizes Hitagi will have a better life if her mother is out of her life and any emotions she has of her is gone (hence not getting her weight and emotions to come back)
-He makes her family divorce and runs away
-Before he leaves town he destroys the cult
-The mother joins another cult
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