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I'm rather appalled that you'd suggest an illegal method of playing the game over a perfectly legal one.
appalled? why? i actually am the largest advocate for playing the ORIGINAL games that there is. notice that i first said to get the snes version.

<--owns all original copies of all snes/nes rpgs, and will keep it that way. and/or, have never touched a rom.

but i still think someone would enjoy it much more without bugs, etc.. by playing the rom version over one which is notorious for having issues, slow load times, etc, in comparison to the original.

and a pointless suggestion? maybe you aren't paying attention.. but rod seemed interested in getting the version of the game, thus, i brought up the original, and the problems he might have with the new one. until he says otherwise ("i just want to see animated scenes"), i'll continue to try to give suggestions.
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