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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Kyon clearly says he left middle school in 1999.
Why people keep saying Kyon graduated from middle school in 1999?
Look, these are two totally different things:
Kyon graduated from middle school (year unknown) and became used to the ordinary world.
As I graduated from middle school, I also graduated from those childish dreams and became accustomed to the routine of this world.

Before that (how many years before, we don't know):
1999 was my last hope, and it wasn’t like anything was going to happen there. We've reached the 21st century without humankind making it beyond the moon. It looks unlikely that travel to Alpha Centauri and back within a day will happen in my lifetime.
1999 was his last hope. Why is 1999 different for any other year?
We've reached the 21st century without...
Because is the last year of the millenium. Heck, Not only Kyon, everybody thought "something" could happen: religions, sects, even "normal" people... I remember a lot of people believed something would happen with the computers because of that Year 2000 effect thingy.
You see, it has nothing to do with his last year of middle school (at least we haven't any proof of that).
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