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@cyz : the signature is nice, but frankly, the colours can be slightly improved.
in fact, Misuzu colours are really bright and intense... maybe too intense in fact.
The white radiant ribbon make the contrast even worse, leaving a twist of much light which lead some nasty flare (it's not really bad, but it can be a problem for some persons)
i would suggest something smoother (reducing Misuzu colours, or another blending) and why not a "black and white" progressive gradiant, to stress the melancholy?

also, the "with" is a little hard to read. but anyway : 8.5/10

@Ak-Kun : i'm not really familiar with ouran. though it's nice, but the border style doesn't seem to fit the mood. 8/10

@tsukuyomi : the whole contrast is pretty nice. as said earlier, blade works is hard to read, and i don't think the font suits that. 9/10

for the FF, as celcius said, Cloud isn't really appropriate here : he is not really matching the calm and serenity mood. the particles around the borders are a bit too sharp (leaving a false impression of bad quality image). 8/10

@kaito-kid : i dunno if it is done on purpose, but the background has weird graineness. also, there is a slight problem with the black/violet gun in the center, merging weirdly with the building in the BG.
a nice improvement, but your previous sig was sharper. 8.5/10
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