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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Mahakala, morbofist, please. Its possible for you two to have a civil discussion without resorting to insults and derogatory questioning of each other's reading capabilities.
I wouldn't if he stop being so hostile, what is he trying to prove?
Originally Posted by morbosfist View Post
"About to roll out" means it was not done. If she had said, "it's rolling out," then that would mean it was completed on the spot, as in that episode. "About to roll out" means they were still putting the finishing touches on it, hence it was not completed at the time. The Guren was upgraded first, plain and simple. If the Albion was completed before it, he'd be piloting it at that point.
He piloted the Lancelot because Freya was already equiped with it and he didn't want anyone else to fire it. About to roll out means what you just said meaning it was done.
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