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Originally Posted by bladeofdarkness View Post
the guren kasoshiiki was more then "rolled out"
it was a fully operational machine with very differenet specs and equipment
but they still took it apart and put it back together (at least the float system) in no time
they put in a new OS
installed new weapon systems
and increased its specs to the same level (possibly higher) of the machine they were building at the same time
it makes no sense that they could just increase the albions specs to match it in the month before that
especially if they knew that he would probably end up opposing the guren (lelouch's plan)
and like i said
after the beating he took in ep 18 there is NO WAY that suzaku would get the albion and NOT ASK "will it be able to match the guren"
he new the answer (Lloyd did build both)
and he still expected to win
so the difference in machine potential couldnt have been all that great
your staement makes no sense because we don't know how long it took for the Guren and all we know is that there was a one month gap in the Albion appearance (it was already finished in that span mind you)
Zero's Requiem was more important than the battle obviously and he wasn't expecting to battle her in the first place

Originally Posted by ZeroSama View Post
No all it indicates is that its been constructed. There are a hell of tests before it can be deployed for combat such as reliability testing of the mechanical parts and the OS along with any necessary recalibration after studying the data to iron out any kinks.

For a high performance, non-mass production model these types of tests are even more important.
Oh for gos's sake, for what I've seen the Guren didn't receive any tests when it was completed, the Lancelot Albion was complete along with the Guren Seiten. It seems that your just ading crap to prove a point.

Originally Posted by morbosfist View Post
FLEIJA consists of a gun and a control panel, that's it. It'd take an hour at most to move it. And no, about to roll out in this context does not mean it's done. Rolling something out, generally speaking, is when a certain item is revealed or made available for use. This isn't some mass-production line of Knightmares, it's a single customized unit. It hasn't been rolled out at that point, which means it isn't ready for use at that point.
Suzaku assissted that he have it as far as how it goes'Checked the episode she said it was ready to rollout not about to rollout, maybe your reading the wrong sub. And just because it was finished didn't mean it would of been used right away.
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