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Originally Posted by Rezard View Post
I don't like Layfon, he is simple the perfect litlle hero. He is soo boring.
He has no negative traits, he reminds me of super man, the super great guy who always do the right thing.

A cool badass character must have some bad trait, like Vash's goofness (Trigun), Kenshins regrets(Rurouni Kenshin), Alucard's evilness(Hell Sing) or Guts's seriousness (Berserk). Layfon is a walking 80's cliche hero. if I had to choose, I would highly prefer the 90/00's weakiling hero cliche.

Really, this show gets on my nerves sometimes: nobody can be cool but Layfon, no girl can love a guy other than Layfon. Soon Layfon will try to best Chuck Norris.

I am hoping he will get his ass owned soon.
are we watching the same show? Layfon is a cliche 80s action hero when he just admitted to attempted pre-mediated murder in order to hide illegal activates?
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