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I hated Vash. HATED. The only times I could tolerate him is when he got serious. I don't watch these shows for 'humor'. I watch them for ass-kickingness.
Haha! Well, at least he did make you feel something. Some heroes are only good for the ass-kickingness and that's it so it can become boring at times. However, if he is retarded, goofy, or some other traits, it makes it better that he can kick major ass and be something else too. That's probably why I like Vash. I like it how he makes everyone think he's retarded than BAM! They got themselves owned. Some of the heroes are more like "he seems strong and cool. I shouldn't mess with him too much" so there's no surprise factor on their faces when they got owned sometimes.

Well, Layfon does have a bit of that actually. He seems so normal and smiles a lot and when the situation comes, he owns those monsters.
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