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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
i like the both types, the on i can't stand are the hot blooded ones.
I usually don't mind those types if they were more intelligent but somehow, those hot headed types are usually dumb or something so it's really annoying.

Originally Posted by Tjaard View Post
I started around 1991-1993, with our dear old mecha series
Well i like surely the serious ones male characters but the funny too, i hate the stupid ecchi one for example
But if you ask me what type of chara i despise surely for me is Leerin's type
Continuing to see that kind of person in rpg, manga & and anime began to annoying me deeply; the useless girl on a shounen type story, that is good only with words or moral support, that strangely have a big power and all people that she has around need to protect her; i'm pretty tired to see this type of chara or probably because for an action, adventure or shounen type story i prefer see always combat type chara (felli is combat, narki, the monkey little girl or the queen too), but surely i don't like chara as Leerin

Yeah, Leerin is really a cliche type but I'm actually find with those so it doesn't bother me much. The first type like that I encounter is from a JRPG named Lunar. It did not really both me much although that's probably the first time encounter them. Lunar 2 has the same type for the main heroine except initially, she owns everything in sight until her powers were sealed by the main baddy.

Actually, when I think about it, I never had much problems with cliche characters and I think that's because I tend to enjoy it for what it is and don't usually compare series with other series or games that much because if I do, I don't think I could enjoy it as much since I keep on seeing the similarity. It's similar to how Layfon is. He's actually quite cliche but I still enjoy watching him as much as all the other heroes in games or series.
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