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today a new ch57 had been released ^^ and well it kinda looks like Iktutos sister might not be blood related to Ikuto after all :P

I mean in previous chapters Misaki (Ikutos sister) in that dream had something very important to tell to Ikuto and that she wanted him to go on a date with her... on her birthday......... and now Michirus mother at last page wonders about something (right after Ikuto told about Misaki and her cold resistance)

I think that Michirus mother had other daughter which went away from the island... and there Misaki was born... maybe she is half-ice fairy too.... that's why just like Machiru she feels good in cold......... Misaki and Michiru have the same hair colour (purple) and even Ikuto mentioned that Machiru looks like Misaki (except boob size :P)

So I guess that what Misaki wanted to tell to Ikuto at that date is that they are not blood related... and that she would want them to be a couple ^^ (since she was blushing and all around Ikuto...and even holded Ikuto's head at her laps when she wanted to talk with him.....)

So I personaly cant wait for Misaki to come to the island too :P it will turn out that she can marry Ikuto just like all other girls :P and too make up for that date Ikuto will take her for a walk around the island just the 2 of them (a late promissed date)
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