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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Intrigues and Dissociation/Surprise are too long for a movie release, if the ridiculous runtime of Disappearance is any indication. Besides, Intrigues is considerably less... cinematic, shall we say?
I was getting all psyched up for an Intrigues movie, but that totally knocked some sense into me. That book is long enough to take up 4 hours worth of movie time if it was done as completely as Disappearance.

It could also possibly be around 10 episodes, which would take up the bulk of a new Haruhi season should they make one. You're right that Intrigues is a slower and less cinematic story, but I think this could work, especially if the Melancholy of Asahina Mikuru came at the beginning to set the stage:

Spoiler for book 7, etc.:
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