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Originally Posted by Skane View Post
I entered into a throes of ecstasy from watching-

Spoiler for Near-End Scene Spoiler:


Not that I remember. It was more that Kyon felt the knife go in, then the screaming started. No twirly cuteness mentioned, though the addition is certainly for the better in making that scene.

I do like the idea of having the complete first season and the movie come out together though. I actually sold my original DVDs back when they started airing the new additions, expecting that an R1 dvd complete collection would be available within a year. Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

And I seem to have missed the boat. Anyway, I wonder if they'll stick to the 12-14 episode season length. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but if volume 10 comes out in a timely fashion, and depending on how it plays out, it might be possible to bring the show up to date with the novels in one shot.
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