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Originally Posted by Slayerx View Post
A rather doubt Makarov would die here. Seems more appropriate that he'd still be around to deal with Raven Tail.
I kinda considered that, too, but remember that Makarov kicked Ivan out, ie, Makarov is stronger than Ivan. Thus, I don't think Ivan would make any real open moves with Makarov still around, so the old guy has to bite it before the Raven Tail arc.

Not really proof or anything, but it would make things a bit more interesting if Gajeel didn't have anyone to back him up as far as him being a secret agent. It'll probably be that FT thinks he's betrayed them, when really he's working against Ivan and Raven Tail. As long as Makarov is around, he can allay the suspicion that Gajeel is a spy, so he either has to be dead or out of action like he was with the drain.

And given the way they've been playing up his old age and infirmities, I really feel like he's gonna die sometime.
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