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Originally Posted by ZeKeR View Post
that thing literally 'shoots' any incoming missile, am i correct? i think this thing is part of the system like the Phalanx CIWS...

oh Beretta doesnt make the 93R anymore?

oh 4 the M1911 fans, what do ya think of the notable clones of Kimber Custom and AMT (thank God for the AMT1911 4 christmas)?
In regards to the loss of the Beretta 93R, it doesn't suprise me what with all the interest in small caliber, high velocity bullets like the FN 5.7 or HKs 4.6. It's the current fad and it sells guns. Wether or not they actually work remains to be seen.
As too the 1911s you mention; Renegade334 was on the nose about the AMT. But you must remember that most of the stainless steel galling was back in the early days (late 60s, early 70s) when machining said metal was in it's infancy! Nowadays it's just not a problem and later production AMTs worked quite well.
Kimber made quite a name for themselves when they announced that they would be offering a custom .45 at entry level prices! Well the thing has garnered high praise from both civilian and police alike and when I attended Gunsite a few years ago they were there in the hands of fellow students, and the damned things worked! Beside the Marine MEU-SOC issue it also is standard with the LAPD SWAT too.
As for the "hype" about the .45, I think it's rather funny considering that quite a few law enforcement agencies have begun to issue the old bullet! Despite the leaps and bounds that the 9mm or .40 have made. Hype sir? Actually I think it just proves that sometimes you can't change what really works! And yes I carry a .45 (Colt 1911A1) and it's on my CCW permit as one of 2 firearms I carry.

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