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Well, one thing that makes police officers and soldiers go back to the M1911 is the fact that the .45ACP caliber is judged to be more effective than anything else, with a good balance between recoil, accuracy and stopping power. It's heavy and fast enough to knock down any target - with the help of a hollow-tip or not. The M1911 is also "thin" enough for concealed carry, whereas double-stack magazines create more noticeable bulges (I dunno about the Para-Ordnance P14-45, though) that are not always appreciated by plainclothes agents.

I believe .45ACP is also the caliber that can trigger hydrostatic shock the best, which is no small advantage when you are in the field and want a target to go down, either right upon impact...or later.
im not that heavy, but i think its due to its weight and some measurements that can make it hurt big time. i never really tried shooting it on any soft target (pig meat and ballistic gel) but its really a very reliable round, especially in self defense. only thing that is lulzing me with it is the excessive penetration it can probably cause.
used a normal M1911 and a UMP against wood and cinder block... and GEH... now i know why police forces use 9mm...

the magazine drop on the SA80... i experienced that... my very first facepalm involving an assault rifle.. NEVER AGAIN... ya hear me?! NEVER!!!!!

the original CZ75 really doesnt meet my specs. the compact is more of my style... what you guys think of it?

ah yes, the patriot missile... that thing isnt called Patriot for nothing...

oh btw can the CIWS take on an MIRV anti-ship missile? (i dunno if its really true as anti-ship missiles i know of are just cruise missiles and fighter jet based munitions like the harpoon missile)
lets roll
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