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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
What scoop? Couldn't they have made stuff up instead? It's not like anybody would have cared.
They could get sued for Libel if it isn't true. If they've tapped a phone, and know it's true, they know they won't get sued for libel. Also, these Newspapers have the biggest circulation in Britain, and in fact the entire English Speaking world. No other English Newspaper, bar the Times of India, has a higher circulation then the Sun and Daily Mail. They didn't get there by fabricating stories.

Also, for the latest "missing girl" case (of which Millie Dowler was one) using these methods they can find out about the investigation before anyone else.

Also, if you're coming from an american perspective, British Tabloids are veeery different from American Tabloids. They have no direct American Analog. Stuff like the National Enquiror isn't expected to be truthful. Likewise, it's harder to sue for Libel in the US.

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