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Bloody hell, this is the kind of implosive stuff I was wondering would start bubbling up:

Not just a newspaper that used to be respected before Murdoch but now an agency of the government - Scotland Yard - is now spiraling into the mud as the light is shone on the revolving door between the Murdoch operations and the government crime investigation unit.

Originally Posted by excerpt
The testimony and evidence that emerged last week, as well as interviews with current and former officials, indicate that the police agency and News International, the British subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and the publisher of The News of the World, became so intertwined that they wound up sharing the goal of containing the investigation.
Members of Parliament said in interviews that they were troubled by a “revolving door” between the police and News International, which included a former top editor at The News of the World at the time of the hacking who went on to work as a media strategist for Scotland Yard.
On Friday, The New York Times learned that the former editor, Neil Wallis, was reporting back to News International while he was working for the police on the hacking case.
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