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This is amusing. I hate the way Goudo acts. I think what JPS does is reasonable. He is irresponsible for the damage he causes to the city when fighting enemies. However, Goudo has a false sense of peacefulness and common sense that he overlooks the fact that it's OK to sacrifice a few building to save lives, thousands of lives if not millions in the future has he failed...

It's disgusting, really. Campione is the only one who can slay god normal humans can't, yet those pathetic normal humans still have a little thought that the campione overdid it. I start to think that peaceful world kind of suck. You know, Goudo only destroy historical and important public sites because they're really big and they fight there. He never destroy private properties. At least his act will damage the government's resource, but normal people wouldn't suffer from losing their house.

I have no doubt the government would resort to drop a-bomb to try to defeat Sun Goku, along with countless innocent lives if they could get rid of Sun Goku from making anymore trouble.

I'd kill Kaoru if she dared using me... I simply can't stand manipulative people. You know that they'll only lose their position if catastrophe happen, but normal people will die.

I'd start a construction company if I were Goudo btw...We can always rebuild the buildings, but lost lives can't be restored.
Godou is perfectly willing to smash his surroundings to pieces to protect innocent lives, he just wishes he didn't have to. And Kaoru's entire point of existence is in protecting normal people. Up til Godou, every single Campione (except possibly JPS) has been a selfish bastard who doesn't even notice that normal people exist most of the time. Since she thought (the same way Yuri, Amakusa, and everyone but Erica did) that he was the same, she thought she'd have to lead him into protecting others. Besides, if you hate manipulative people you'd be foaming at the mouth about how Erica acted early on.
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