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Well iread the story til volume 4 to be exact ....i have a question.....

does anyone think that mariya yuri is an unnecessary character??? honestly does she have any other role than being the "daily tsundere girl?"

honestly until now it only pisses me off and whenever i read the parts where she gets angry towards godou for no reason it makes me want to kill her.....and it also causes me to stop reading until i have calmed down.....

so being honest about it... how can a character so annoying and powerless as her still be in the series.....if i were godou i would assert my position about, her being wrong, with an angry display of power so she shuts the hell up.....

i pity him.....abuse from erica, mariya, lucretia, liliana......that would be too much for me...i would give them a taste of the "devil king" so they would learn their place
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