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Originally Posted by kj1980
I don't get what that is getting to, but we do differentiate between 燃え and 萌え. A good example of an anime that is both 燃え and 萌え is "Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome." You have moe (燃え) battle sequences that kicks-ass, whereas you have moe~ (萌え~) characters that itches at your heart.
あぁぁ。面白いですね。 So you have to differ these two types of moe.

Originally Posted by kj1980
Religion doesn't play a major role here. If it looks good, people use it. On the other end, we have cosplayers that dress up as Nazi officers. Are they Nazis? No. They just do so because it looks cool.

As someone said, don't give it much thought. It is used because it looks cool. There is nothing behind it.
Yes, that's my experience as well. Recently, I've seen many Japanese girls wearing cross pendants or other fashion items involving crosses. Now this certainly doesn't mean the suddenly became Christians (heavens no!), I'm sure they don't know the tiniest thing about it (which is a *good* thing), they just wear it because its fashionable.
Likewise with these military otaku wearing Nazi uniforms. I was shocked at first when I saw that, but they only wear it because they think it looks good, not because they like Nazis.
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