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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
I liked the casual episodes in S1 more than the plot ones, however the episodes in S2 lacked a certain coherency. They were jumping from one thing to another with little in the way of a cohesive narrative. If they fix that for S3, I say bring on another badge of casual episodes.

That is the thing, it might be hard to make 13 episodes that string together with a plot work when there is no serious element or drama. It'd be much easier to do that when there is some amount of seriousness.

Plus, they built things into the series that they could work off of that show that there can be dangers in Flonyard. Why build that into Season 1, and then just completely forgo it in both Season 2 and Season 3. It'd look like the producer is just running about with no real direction for the series.
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