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Originally Posted by SOGESNAKE View Post
Well, top thing we need to remember is that this is a Musou game. Though arcs like Shells Town, Whiskey Peak, and Davy Back COULD work.... other arcs like Syrup Village, Little Garden, or Jaya just wouldn't work with how these games play. What with the Strawhats only fighting Mr. 3/Miss Goldenweek on Little Garden, and Luffy not only just fighting Bellamy in Jaya.... but defeating him with one punch. Again, gameplay-wise these just won't work in the game. I also have a hard time imagining Syrup Village working in this kind of game seeing as all the fights take place on that one slope.... though there are ways they could easily get around that I guess.

Anyway, I do figure they'd include Thriller Bark since they're adding Skypeia.... and since we might be getting Z, might as well throw Strong World in there too~
How the following arcs can work gameplay-wise:

Syrup Village- Have the fights on the beach to prevent the enemies from reaching the slope. This arc has to be included since Usopp joined the crew at the end of it.

Little Garden- Adding the challenge of stopping Dory and Brogy from fighting each other and then battling Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek.

Jaya- Have Bellamy's crew attacking our heroes before dealing with Bellamy himself.
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