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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
@ Ellifeedn, the majority of the celestial mages was wiped out with the zentopia incident, so Randrak is right on his claim. Still, I wouldn't say celestial mages have been regarded as weak, unless it's Lucy - sounds a bit contradictory, but still: Aquarius and Sagittarius lost (and tied) for the first time only recently, while Taurus' character has been overused to set his strength aside. It's just that Lucy -has to- fill the damsel in distress role so often that it makes her seem weaker than she actually is, with a lot of her fights having been against opponents with gimmicky magic that is based around control (Sherry, Vidaldus, Bixlow, Hughes, Zoldeo, Kain).
Well your wrong about Sagittarius his first lose really would have been against Bixlow back in chapter 114 and Sagittarius really has proven to be pretty useless usually getting taken out before he accomplish anything. And Aquarius she does seem to have a bit of power but it's next to impossible to really gauge her abilities because her tendency to leave shortly after being summoned.

Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
Celestial Spirit Magic isn't really weak...hell, if used right it can be pretty damn OP.
Keep telling yourself that too bad we haven't seen anyone who is powerful. And I mean actually powerful name me one celestial mage could take on someone like Laxus or even Gajeel on head no tricks no sneaky methods.
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