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So far we've only really seen 3 Celestial Mages...just because we haven't seen any so far doesn't mean there aren't any (outside the kingdom).

And it CAN be pretty powerful magic if used right, if Lucy summoned Capricorn, Gemini and Leo for example she'd be calling 3 quite powerful fighters to the field. She just doesn't because Mashima likes to make her a damsel in distress more often than give her fights without a gimmicky enemy or something. Again, I said it COULD be a powerful magic, not that Lucy has or will use it effectively.
Actually we don't know if those two are all that strong Capricorn has done next to nothing 1 good punch to Hades face who didn't even realize he wasn't still possessed and Leo he's done alright in his fights but he is also been absent during most of the really tough ones like Kain Hikaru.
And yes Celestial Magic is weak because Mashima wants it that way but so what every single character and ability they have in any work of fiction strength or lack there of are defined by the author. Heck the author could start having Romeo come one shot the main villain and save the day if he wanted to doesn't mean it's going to happen and that only seems slightly less likely then us seeing a strong Celestial Mage.

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To be frank that's not saying much after all Wendy's only had what 4 battles in the manga the entire show before this point. and she's got plenty to grow although her real role is support im surprised nobody's curious what the next chapter is about Return of the demon that seems pretty interesting.
Actaully it would be 5 battles and a match against Chelia that's she's fought in. Personally I'm hoping they have start having her use moves similar to Erigor wind blades.

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