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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
So far we've only really seen 3 Celestial Mages...just because we haven't seen any so far doesn't mean there aren't any (outside the kingdom).

And it CAN be pretty powerful magic if used right, if Lucy summoned Capricorn, Gemini and Leo for example she'd be calling 3 quite powerful fighters to the field. She just doesn't because Mashima likes to make her a damsel in distress more often than give her fights without a gimmicky enemy or something. Again, I said it COULD be a powerful magic, not that Lucy has or will use it effectively.
But doesn't she have all but one of the Zodiac keys which are considered the most powerful summonings? I guess its possible that there is a key for the Celestial King, but from what we've been shown, Lucy has the majority of the best keys.

As for being powerful, Celestial does have the potential to be powerful and her last two defeats had nothing to do with the effectiveness of her summons. She had her power sucked out with Flare and her keys got swiped with Minerva. To be an effective Celestial Mage requires more tactical skill than pure brute force, she somewhat demonstrated that in her fight against Flare, but beyond that I don't find Lucy to be much of a tactician. At this time all she really does in a standard fight is just toss out whatever summoning she thinks is best for a given situation then let them handle what they need to do themselves. She definitely has room for improvement. I can't say she'd ever compare to Natsu or any other dragonslayer. He is the main character for one and two, that magic does seem to be the most powerful in regards to pure brute force. However that doesn't mean she couldn't defeat him, if she would be smart and approach the fight tactically using his weaknesses against him.
So people understand that I do not take these discussions seriously, its all good fun.
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