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Correction, Mashima is making LUCY (and Yukino as well) look weak...he's not making Celestial Spirit Magic weak. How good or bad a character is at using a certain type of magic means nothing about that type's potential.
And I don't see much potential there either the spirits themselves seem to be designed for comic relief for the most part and frequently used for fodder. That's not to say that it couldn't change we could see some new sets of rare keys or some descent silver ones if the author wanted. Of course the new rare keys there would need to be more then 1 of each because that's another problem with the magic the only Spirits we have seen with any real independent combat capabilities there is only 1 of each.
I'd say Angel proves it's pretty weak when it comes to direct combat at least she seemed to be quite skilled with it and also the sort who would be massacred if she ever tried to take a strong mage head on.
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