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A bit late to this, but just wanted to chime in that buying the WD 18 would be a waste of money. It's way overpriced. The sweet spot for drive value is around 8 TB. For the price of the single 18 TB drive you can get 3 8s for 24 TB. Yes, not as convenient as all in one, but I'll take capacity over convenience any day.

My anime server is 16 HGST 3 TB drives on an Areca ARC-1160ML2 controller in RAID6 for a 42 TB volume. When it ran out of space, I started buying drives and throwing in my PC in the office. That has a 2 TB, a 3 TB and 3 8 TB drives aside from the OS drive. To make it convenient since I'm not about to drop $900 on another Areca RAID controller I made a C:\Mount folder and the five extra drives are folders in there. So I can just shared out the C:\Mount as shared$ and it appears as a single drive to my other systems.

Instead of blowing $600+ on an 18 TB drive, that's what I'd do instead. Buy 3 8s and use path mounting to tie them all together easily.
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