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Originally Posted by Streetor View Post
A pillar was destroyed. The guy had to die quickly before there was more trouble.

Why the hell would a captain appear just to dick around with a fraccion when he can easily dispatch him? This isn't a game here that they are playing. The captains' goals are to kill each Arrancar there no matter what.
You've just said exactly what I was gonna say earlier after reading all the comments about Bankai was unnecessary. It was necessary in order to get rid of the troublesome opponent. This is a serious matter that they are trying to resolve and if that means using your best move to kill the enemy quickly then by all means use it because if you play around with the matter your only going to cause more mayhem to occur. Karakura was about to return so I find it correct to end the matter as quick as possible. BANKAI WAS USED CORRECTLY.
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