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1. Logic and punctuality...not much else to say. Used to be overloaded but got myself to 1 solid group now.
2. Drama of course, but without the drama perhaps this whole thing would be different. In terms of an actual "fansub" aspect, credits.
3. What I like? Just about all of it, I like learning about every job and it makes my days less boring.
4. Rina & Karin mostly, I'm a lurker.


1. Well...I kind of joined up upon a couple of friend's request, haven't regretted joining up yet. I continue subbing because the people I work with are simply phenomenal and I would like to keep working with them.
2. I continue subbing just because I want to I guess, somewhere down there I hope that there'd be a more united community...ah well.
3. Isn't this really similar to question 4? I started about 10 months ago yes I'm a n00bsauce and I phail hardsors, got into it right away.
4. See 3.
5. Mission of fansubs? I don't see it as a mission, I do it for fun and I think if you subbed to get ratings or for your "fans" then you're losing a lot of fun out of the whole experience.


1. Eclipse, typesetter and sometimes karaoke.
2 & 3. Nuke, Ureshii, Anime-Share, Static-Subs, quite a few more but don't think I really ever did anything there...
4. Yep freelancers ftw.


1. School/Horror/Comedy/Romance.
2. Yes I've worked on series where I didn't really like them, but I was bored and it beats reading textbooks.


1. Started one again for fun, knew the people and they were awesome, love working with them.
2. Collapsed since I took a vacation for university, bah.
3 & 4. N/A.


1. Typesetter mostly, karaoke sometimes, editing and bits of everything else as well once in a blue moon.
2. All except encoding well.
3. Typesetting and logo design.
4. Applying English translations onto Japanese text in a manner that is most seamless or blends into the show if possible.

Other Plans:

1. Quit when I have no other alternative, otherwise continue as long as Eclipse lives.
2. Sure, offering help to new subbers is what we all should do. I was offered help and I would like to return the favor to the community.
3. Personally I don't think it's worth the effort to document everything if I'm willing to just help them anyway~

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