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Originally Posted by Aphrah View Post
Hm.. and neither do I, frankly. It's why I think we should stop speculating and just trust in the studio and Kawahara, as we're going to become very paranoid (I know I am) if we continue this right up until episode 2 airs. ;p

Ah, thanks. Man, I'll be so miffed if they don't animate that duel.. (or maybe they'll retcon it to a later point in the story..?)
Level 25 or 50 seems like good spots..

But the more Asuna x Kirito teasing there are, the harder RNR (Which was IMO one of the most emotional arcs where you really feel Kirito's humanity clearly) is to set up.

In any case, if I remember correctly, the 50th floor occurred soon after RNR. And since RNR is probably the nadir of Kirito's SAO experience, having Asuna come back in an awesome fashion and duelling the hell out of Kirito (for avoiding her, and moping around the past few months,being borderline suicidal, along with the superficial reason behind the duel) sounds rather appealing to me, as a rebound. That's just speculation of course.

But the order I'd like to see is:

Red Nose Reindeer
First Day (The absolute Nadir where being Kirito is suffering holds most true)
Asuna vs Kirito (the start of the rebound)
The Black Swordsman
A Murder case in the Area (and hopefully, a prelude to it)
Warmth of the Heart (and the alluded to meetings between Asuna and Kirito between Warmth and Murder. )

But I guess we'll wait and see. If Aria is 2 episodes, odds are, we won't get ALO (unless SAO get's a second cour), and SAO ends with a cliffhanger.
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