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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
Of course, the biggest hole in this guess is why would the Princess of Exodus want to be the cause that triggers the rescue of the Princess of Genesis? I mean, why would the Tree of Exodus set the wheels in motion for what will be the stoppage of its revival? It doesn't make sense, but then again, it's main facet is it being illogical, so maybe shooting itself in the foot is 'in character'...
well as logical as the very mages of the Tree of Genesis is trying to revive it's biggest rival the Tree of Exodus.

Originally Posted by creb View Post
So, these mages aren't supposed to kill? Such semantic reasoning is what lead to the Nazis to exterminate 12 million people in concentration camps. I mean, that's an awful lot of people these mages have killed/turned to stone indirectly. Or, in a more tongue-in-cheek vein, killing is ok if the tree says it's ok.
Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Yeah I found the whole "we can't kill" thing completely laughable. How many cities have these people destroyed over the past couple years? Pretty damn convenient logic they are working with. How hard anyways can it be to get forgiveness from a tree that doesn't mind that you are working to revive it's bitter enemy?
IKR?but anyway if I recall it wasn't really the presence of the Fruits (of Exodus)nor the mages (genesis) themselves which caused them to turn to metal, but rather the Tree of Genesis. Sort of a preventive mechanism it put in place to prevent any Human (or other living thing?) from attempting to revive the Tree of Exodus before it hibernated. Of course indirectly the mages (genesis) are still responsible knowing that this will happen but I guess they're in kinda of a tough spot, with human extinction possibly on the line.

On the morality of killing though. I think it would be strange to tack Human morals and values to an entity like the Tree of Genesis ( & the Tree of Exodus for that matter) because first of all they're not human nor part of our community/civilization, apparently Logic is the main driving force of the tree of Genesis. Humans are like Ants to it, or maybe more like Bacteria.

Originally Posted by Elestia View Post
Well it's not like her skeleton continues to grow after her "death", so it should be just fine. The world's logic favors her as Samon's constantly reminds us.
Also I think,(most probably) Samon used preserving magic on the skeleton. since he needs it to be similar, equal to the past skeleton of hakase for the sympathetic magic to work.
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