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trad' please :

Spoiler for size comic love live:
Rough meaning

First panel right

Eri:I looks like all idol is doing for fun.

First panel left
Umi:Nozomi-senpai? from where...?
***I'm speaking directly to your heart***
Umi:What?! Why can you do that ?!

Second panel
***Is not something you wanted to ask Uchi?*** ※Uchi=The name 'I' which a woman of Kansai uses.
Umi:The scene is now serious, please do not disturb!
Eri:what doing...?
Umi:Chairman said that it is idle play...
***ah, Erich was doing a dance once because...***

Third panel
***E?! really? chairman was doing the dance once?***
******So yes***
***Yahho- Umi-chan,I was also can do***
Umi:Kotori also?!
Eri:Hey, are you okay...?
***Because the freshman's calls, wait.***
Umi:Sense of Skype?!

When I am wrong, I'm sorry.
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