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It's hard not to feel bad for Nayuki. The revelation that she was scared of meeting Yuiichi again, and that, not her ditziness, was the reason she was late...but she still treats him with such affection.

I have an offical manga by Shimotsuki Kinusa (obviously a Nayuki fan) which fleshes out the romantic Nayuki ending quite nicely. I can see the entire Ayu sequence playing out if she and Yuiichi are just the closest of friends--and since Ayu is, in many ways, still a child, perhaps this makes sense. Nayuki obviously "loves" Yuiichi more; that is, her feeling is more deeply romantic.

That said, I still think the Ayu ending is the "ultimate" ending--it's one of the most profound things in recent anime, and taking away the romantic aspect might undermine that...

So, I don't know :P but I voted Nayuki
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