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Though it took a little longer than I predicted, I've finally uploaded the video transcripts (thanks for this largely go to Yamiro for this, by the way). From now on, if a scene has a video moment with talking in it, the video transcript will be put into a separate document, right beneath the link to the scene on the site. Next time I update, however, there will be a new page that lists all the video transcripts. (Though things will get a bit harder when the videos occur outside the events of the actual anime, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.) Also, I've added two new rooftop scenes with Lelouch from my recent replay of the Geass Route; more are sure to come in the future. Hopefully I'll have a bit more the next time I update this site.

To Regless: Thanks for the support for this project! I too was devastated when I found out that this game wasn't going to come out in English. (It was for that very reason I started this project; for people like you and me. )

And Arbitres: Well, to be honest, I only used the Rolo translation you gave me very briefly as a reference, but I still appreaciate that you gave it to me... (...I know, I suck at trying to say things nicely. ) However, I do intend to use that C.C. ending translation when I get to it, so have no worries! (...Yep, I definitely suck at saying these kind of things. )
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